KA Lite team presentation at Khan Academy, Feb 13

Jamie Alexandre,

The KA Lite team was invited to give a presentation at Khan Academy on Feb 13, at 11am PST. The event was live-streamed over the internet via Google+ Hangouts on Air, and a recording of the video feed is available here.

We talked about the background and motivation of KA Lite, and how it works from the point of view of an organization wanting to deploy it in the field. We gave some demos of the software, including internationalization and coach reports, and talked about where it's headed, and then addressed questions from the local and remote audiences.

KA Lite Translations

Are you multilingual? Great! We could really use your help with translating the interface for KA Lite. Every translation counts, and is a step towards providing millions of children with an education.

Videos via BitTorrent

If you have good bandwidth, you can help support learners right now by downloading the KA Lite videos via BitTorrent Sync, and seeding it from your computer. Educational organizations in areas with patchy internet can use this torrent to preload content onto the KA Lite devices powering classrooms.

Coming Up Soon!

Installation packages for Debian (including Raspberry Pi) and Windows are in progress, and should be done soon. Internationalization and support for dubbed videos are also very close to being released. We recently set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for KA Lite -- another good way to stay up to date on what we’re up to.


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